Favorite Friday: Michael Schaffner, Personal Branding, Age Discrimination, Blogging

Recently I’ve been talking to job seekers about career management and technology, and I frequently use Michael Schaffner’s blog/story in my presentation.

It all starts with this review of his blog (as a personal branding tool), when I did the monthly You Get It Personal Branding Awards (see a list of most of them at the bottom of this post).

Mike is a phenomenal person. I’ve met him in person and we’ve emailed a number of times.  He is one of those ‘salt of the earth’ guys that you are happy to know.

He’s also exceptionally intelligent and has become THE EXAMPLE for someone to break down discriminatory assumptions and drive a different, more appropriate brand.

I talk about it in my presentations… I’m not sure if I can capture the concept well in a post, but check out my review of his blog, and then check out the other recipients’ blogs, to see just how powerful a blog can be to break through discrimination and really, really drive your brand messaging.

You can follow Mike on Twitter here.