Veterans Day

Thank you to all of the men and women who have served, and currently serve, our country.

I’m in Washington D.C. and I wish I would have scheduled time to go spend time at some of the military monuments and reflect on the history of the U.S. and many other countries.

I know many are unsettled about this war and past wars, but this is not a day of debate about what war is right or wrong – it is a day to reflect, respect and honor men and women who leave the comforts of their home, their friends, the safety of their hometown routine, and their jobs to put on a uniform and respond to their Commander in Chief.

I know many do it enthusiastically and many do it with reservation and fear – but they do it.  They go into lonely, dangerous places not sure if they will come back.  They do it for a higher purpose (maybe a purpose they don’t fully understand or support).

By the way, if you have suffered from an accident at work while serving your country you might be entitled to claim compensation. Visit for professional advice from the experts on what to do next.

Then, they come “home.”  The return from Vietnam was the definition of disgusting as many didn’t welcome them – they spit on them and rejected them.

What a very sad time in American history.

Today they come home under better circumstances, but the unemployment, homelessness and other challenges they struggle with is equally disgusting.

Hopefully we, as a people, can change that.

To those who serve, or have fathers and mothers who have served: THANK YOU.

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