Flying in bad weather & the parking lot analogy

Have you ever seen La Bamba?

You know how {spoiler alert} Richie dies in a plane crash at the end, because of bad weather?

I’m not paranoid about flying, or bad weather, but it is not my preference to fly in bad weather.  This is what the airport at Salt Lake looks like right now… within an hour I’ll be on a plane to Baltimore and then jet down to McLean Bible Church for an 8pm presentation.


Tomorrow I’ll speak three times at Georgetown University (Thank you Georgetown!) — I’m excited to take a message to employers (first presentation, on employer branding) and then to students (second and third presentations).

All four of these presentations are stretching my mind, since they are all kind of new (or at least I’m tweaking them as I think about the audience).

Alas, nothing profound from me on this blog, I just wanted to share the picture 🙂

I did write a fun analogy I got while walking around in the parking lot this morning, on the Career Resume blog – check it out 🙂

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