Exciting Stuff…

Here’s some exciting stuff…

I’m headed to Virginia/D.C. tomorrow (Tuesday).  I thought I wouldn’t be there often but this quarter I think I’m presenting on four different trips.  Tomorrow night at 8pm I’ll be at the Mclean Bible Church, presenting at their job club. Details here.

I just submitted the manuscript for my LinkedIn book: I’m on LinkedIn–Now What??? This is the THIRD edition.  Much needed updates included in this edition. LinkedIn book page (not sure when you can pre-purchase).

This is my birthday month.  On Friday I’ll be thirty something (I lost count a while back and haven’t done the math recently.  Seems to not matter anymore :p) and can say that I’m really enjoying this phase of my life.

My next trip is to Silicon Valley / East Bay (details pending), the week after Thanksgiving, and then I’ll be in Philadelphia for my first ever Philly presentation (but not my first ever Philly cheese steak) details here.

I have two new book ideas, one of which came from a presentation I did to young wannabe entrepreneurs (that went exceptionally well — I even changed clothes 3 times in my presentation, which was really successful and funny :p). More on that later, in my … spare time :p

I’m, um, NOT writing for AOL anymore.  Not really a long story but it was a business decision I had to make.

We’re making some really exciting changes to JibberJobber that will impact most users … I can’t announce it yet but I’m really jazzed about it.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s what’s on my mind right now.

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  1. Congrats on your great news and success! Can’t wait to hear about the third addition of your LinkedIn book – they have made a TON of changes recently to target the active job seeker with charged add-on’s so I’m curious to see how that’s working.

    Happy Birthday to you! You ROCK as always no matter what age you are 😉

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