The Hidden Job Market…

The hidden job market… is not hidden!

It is next door to you, at your neighbor’s house.

It is at the church you go to.

It is sitting across the table from you when you are chatting with your friends.

It is the local coffee shop, on a cell phone.

the hidden job market is at the local coffee shop

It is on a Yahoo Group.

It is in your LinkedIn connections.

What is the hidden job market?

Why is the hidden job market so elusive?

why is the hidden job market so evasive

It is simply a non-published, little-known collection of openings and opportunities that only company insiders know about.

They key is, how do you get to know about any of them?

Or maybe they key is this: how do you get the insiders to know about YOU, and what you want, and how you are the right person for the job?

The hidden job market is right in front of you, but you don’t know it, and because of poor personal branding and poor networking, it doesn’t find you.

You can try as hard as you want to find the job seeker silver bullet, but it all comes back to your brand and your network.

You have to find the hidden job market

6 thoughts on “The Hidden Job Market…”

  1. The hidden job market is how I found my last two jobs. They came from friends and business contacts which I was networking with. They knew me and my strengths and recommended me to my future employers.

  2. I don’t know if I will get a job from these gentlemen, but I met three men who work in the ad industry, where I want to work, just in a pub a few nights ago. I was taking a picture of some friends in costume, and they asked if they should take the picture for us. Wound up talking and having a great time. You never, ever know who you might meet and where!

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