Job Search: Waste of Time

I got the following email from someone who deleted their JibberJobber account.

Jibber Jobber is another waste of time. The site does nothing more than utilize Indeed postings to promote search options. This is a poor excuse for finding work. Please do not contact me as I am not interested in this website. Kindly REMOVE my information.

I get that not everyone is going to flock to JibberJobber.  And I get that we do a poor job of communicating the value proposition.  And I get that it’s easy to be rude to an anonymous company without thinking anyone on the other side really cares (it is an us against them mentality).

But I want to communicate a few thoughts on this message:

>> Jibber Jobber is another waste of time.

If you spend all day on JibberJobber and ignore other things, like networking, etc., then yes, you are wasting your time. You can’t look into the magic computer screen at any site and site there until a job falls in your lap.

>> The site does nothing more than utilize Indeed postings to promote search options.

This shows that you didn’t look at JibberJobber.  It’s like driving past Home Depot and seeing all their barbecue grills and thinking “wow, that big orange store is nothing more than a BBQ grill store!”  Go in and you’ll find much, much, much more.

“Nothing more?”  Look at all of the stuff you do on this chart. Users are tracking network contacts, setting up action items, logging important calls/emails/conversations they have as they network and apply to jobs, etc.  They are wordsmithing interview responses… and much more.

Indeed is a very small part of what JibberJobber is about.  If you can’t see past that, then yes, you probably are wasting your time (in more ways than one). (note: we are putting more Indeed stuff in, and will continually tweak this as we strive to provide value to your user experience as well as find monetization opportunities that make sense)

>> This is a poor excuse for finding work.

Okay, now that you’ve said it’s a waste of time, there isn’t any depth to it, you rub it in by this critique.  I disagree, but I’m heavily biased.  Regardless of my bias, though, I’m guessing that your efforts to find work are (like mine were) based on bad job search tactics.

You don’t “find work” on JibberJobber.  You organize and manage your job search, and your professional networking.

>> Please do not contact me as I am not interested in this website. Kindly REMOVE my information.

You got it  – good luck in your job search 🙂

Okay, so, maybe I shouldn’t have responded to this on my blog… but I did want to share this since I share all the positive stuff.  Why not a balanced perspective?

It is a shame that people come out like this bash.  The sad part, though, is I’m guessing this person’s attitude comes across like this in networking and interviews… which might lead to a very long job search 🙁

9 thoughts on “Job Search: Waste of Time”

  1. Um, did he read this on your site?

    “JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.”

    It’s a tool. Tools are only as good as the user, and obviously, this person isn’t very good at using the tool. Which, yeah, leads to time wasting. But that’s his problem, not yours.

    And if you can’t respond to stuff on your blog, where can you respond? 😉 My Top 10 Networking Mistakes post was definitely a response to an idiot I ran across at a networking event.

  2. Thanks for the support Juli 🙂

    I heard a speaker last night at the National Speakers Association meeting in Salt Lake… he gave a line that was fantastic… as a speaker who specializes in humor he said:

    “I am responsible TO my audience, but I’m not responsible FOR my audience.”

    I loved that … I am responsible TO my JibberJobber users (to provide them with tools, updates, security, etc.) but I am not responsible FOR their success, abilities to understand or use the tool, etc.

    It is a freeing concept…

  3. I think it is great that you put this on your blog. Showing people that not everyone loves your product makes you real.

    Did he also mention that JibberJobber is no good at helping people lose weight?

    The world is full of those in search of magic answers to problems.

    Keep up the great things you do!!!


  4. Note to self. Do not read Thom’s comments while working at Panera. Laughing out loud got me LOTS of weird looks. But it was a priceless observation! Thanks for the laugh.

  5. I actually like having this post here. It’s a great illustration of how not to make meaningful network contacts. For instance, I highly doubt that if you see a cool job, you’ll reach out to this person!

  6. Occasionally (once a month or two), I meet an exceptionally organized job-seeker. I wonder if they are jibberjobber users.

    Normally, I meet shoot-from-the-hip jobseekers who give me hardly a chance to work with then assuming I don’t care (and being tough feels better than being told “no”)

  7. I second or third the above comments since it is a great tool. I have to admit I have not been as avid a user of JibberJobber as I should be. But I do believe it is a great tool. In the words of our friends at Microsoft….it is a FRAMEWORK. And I am discovering the ways I can organize my work, which is to find a job, that I never thought possible before.

    Sadly I am one of those people who must take a positive cash flow job that will eat into my actual job search time, but I know I have the tool set that will let me focus on finding the right job for me, by using JibberJobber.

    Jason, it is just his loss if he chooses not to use it…maybe he has a rich uncle to hire him!


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