The Guerrilla Job Search: Fact or Fiction?

Dave Perry & Kevin DonlinOver the years I’ve had lunches and dinners with the two outspoken guerrilla job search experts Dave Perry and Kevin Donlin.  They are so confident about their guerrilla strategies and tactics that they have taken their show on the road, even to distraught Michigan, teaching people how to do a job search differently and get real results really fast.

They also have some CD training that they practically give away (free plus S&H).  I just got mine but haven’t looked at it yet.

I was on the phone with Kevin recently and my question was really about the viability of their system and advice.  Is it real?  Is it hype?  Are they just good at marketing their well-named product, or is there really substance behind what they talk about?

That is going to be the basis of a teleseminar this Friday at noon EST (that is 10am for me, in MST.  You get to do your own math to figure out what time zone you are in :)).

I made it clear to Kevin, when I talked about this, that I’m skeptical.  He said he’d explain why he is such a believer.

I don’t disagree that this stuff works, but I don’t know that it will work for everyone very quickly.  Perhaps as the economy gets a little stronger, those who have these tactics and the guerrilla mindset will be heads-and-tails ahead of their competition… so the economy will be the catalyst to make their ideas more valid.

What do you think – real or hype?

I tell you what – jump on the call with me and Kevin Donlin and Dave Perry on Friday morning, listen for about an hour, and then you can decide on your own.  You can order their almost-free DVD here, and if you like their stuff and want to move forward you can get a discount on their paid program here (I get a kickback for everyone who signs up).

To get on the call on Friday just dial in (it is not a webinar) to (605) 475-4900 and type in the code: 964394#.

Then you can judge for yourself.  If you like it, take their next step.

4 thoughts on “The Guerrilla Job Search: Fact or Fiction?”

  1. Jason:
    I have read David and Kevin’s book and strongly recommend your readers eitherv look at the book or take part in the webinar. For a successful job search, one needs to expand comfort zones. While you may not buy into the full guerrilla job search methodologies, the job seeker should be able to find some new strategies that they might be comfortable with.

    Tom Dezell
    Author of Networking for the Novice, Nervous or Naive Job Seeker

  2. Guerilla job search for many people does work. Instead of sticking out your hand and asking for a job, (like the hordes of uncreative, unsuccessful job seekers), you need to employ stronger job search tactics and a branded, sharpened resume presentation in order to stand out of the crowd. What is better than providing information to employers and thus giving them knowledge and news they can use to make their businesses run better.
    In any economy, you can find a job faster by doing three simple things, in general:

    1) Know the position you want, with absolute clarity, right down to the job title.
    2) Know where you want to work, right down to the names of 10-20 ideal employers.
    3) Use unconventional tactics to stay out of the crowed (including these “guerrilla”tactics).

    Getting employers’ attention will require more effort than simply sending your resume online. With an avalanche of applicants for too few jobs, you’ll need to follow up on any resumes sent, with some detective work required in order to get in front of the right person.

    This is where using networking sites like LinkedIn or business information search engines such as Zoominfo will come in handy. You can quickly find company insiders and send your resume to a real person, rather than sending it down the black hole that consumes so many job applications.

    It’s important to network effectively so that you aren’t answering job ads in the first place. As companies have changed their practices to hire from within networks before even posting positions online, it’s important to change the way that you approach them, with guerrilla search tactics that tap into more “hidden” opportunities.

    David – Career advisor

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