I Love A Good Email Signature

If you’ve heard me speak in the last year, chances are you’ve heard me talk about email signatures.  I recently saw a signature that POPPED OUT – let me share it with you:


I totally missed the middle name until I saw the hyperlink with the tagline.


I clicked on the hyperlink and guess where it took me?


Brilliant. Thanks for the excellent example of an email signature that helps brand a professional Scott!

More information on email signatures as a personal branding tool at Today I (tearfully) Retire My Email Signature and A New Email Signature.

2 thoughts on “I Love A Good Email Signature”

  1. Wow, I just updated my email signature yesterday and I see I’d better do it again! What a cool idea this is, and a great way to get a click-through. I’ll have to get my creativity fired up and see how I can improve mine. Thanks!

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