Facebook for Executives (and professionals) Webinar

Tomorrow at 4ET (1PT) I’m doing a webinar for Netshare called Facebook Essentials for Executives.  I’m jazzed about this webinar and have been preparing for it quite a bit.

Facebook has power in numbers – and I’m amazed at the connections I’ve made because of Facebook that I didn’t make in LinkedIn.  I’m also amazed at the conversation that happens in Facebook that isn’t happening elsewhere.

If you want to brush up on your Facebook understanding, or wrap your brain around a Facebook strategy for you, come on over to the webinar.  It isn’t free but it will be worth it.  Here’s the description:

Facebook is the website that has all eyes on it. They recently announced their 300 millionth signup. (for some perspective US Census Bureau reports the United States recently passed the 300MM mark.)

What does this mean to us as executives? How can we use Facebook as part of our career management strategy and how does it fit with LinkedIn and other social networks? Should executives even have a Facebook strategy? Considering the number of signups and visitors (hovering around 120M per month and the companies who are developing online marketing strategies that include Facebook), it is essential that we understand what it is and what we can do in it.

In this 90 minute session you will learn:

  • Learn how to navigate through the noise and clutter of Facebook to find information relevant to you.
  • Learn to set up your account and network and, once and for all, answer the question of how to separate your personal and professional contacts.
  • Learn to use Lists, Groups and Pages as effectively as any marketer uses them in a commercial environment.
  • Learn to develop a search strategy to help you network your way into key company or industry contacts.
  • Learn to communicate with network contacts and help them get to know you better.
  • Learn to keep abreast of current issues and opportunities within your network…to further develop relationships.
  • Learn to find relevant audiences where you can find relevant contacts and further develop your professional brand.
  • Learn to incorporate Facebook into an overall personal social marketing strategy.

Register here.

See ya there 🙂