Jeremy Hanks Pays To Get His Garbage Can Cleaned

I was checking out some local Utah business blogs and read one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Jeremy Hanks.  I’ve met Jeremy on a number of occasions and love watching the progress of his super-cool company.  He has achieved a lot and I look up to him as an example.

He recently wrote a blog post called Unique Service + Hard Work = Opportunity.  This is a terrific story, and one that we can learn from.  It starts:

A couple days ago, I got a knock on my door, and a guy that was wearing blue rubber gloves was there when I opened it. He said something like: “I lost my job a while back, and got sick of not working, so I’m out providing a service today. I’ll clean out your garbage cans for $10 each, or two for $15. I use a pressure washer and industrial strength bleach and I literally climb inside them and scrub them by hand.”

I hired him on the spot, for two reasons: 1. my garbage cans were nasty; 2. I’d have hired him anyway, because here’s a guy down on his luck making his own.

read the entire story here…

The story is awesome… remember the Thom Singer post where I talk about pride and humility?  I doubt this guy is too proud… don’t you think? In the next paragraph it says:

He says a lot of days, he makes $300-$400…

Can you believe this?  I absolutely love this.

$300 – $400 – that is a lot of money.  Here’s the math:

$300 * 5 days = $1,500/week

$1,500 * 4.33 weeks in a month (avg) = $6,495/month

$6,495 * 12 months = $77,940/year

That is a LOT of money.

In my neighborhood we have a ton of people who want to mow our lawn, or do our carpets.  But never have I had anyone come up to wash my garbage cans for $10.  I would pay it on the spot.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Some of you are beyond getting anywhere with your job search.  This is an idea that can help you pay your bills… even save your house from foreclosure.

Want a bonus idea?  Check the blog on Monday and I’ll share why this business idea is the bomb.

10 thoughts on “Jeremy Hanks Pays To Get His Garbage Can Cleaned”

  1. This story has stuck in my mind. While I don’t plan on cleaning trash cans (trust me, if I HAD to, I would), I know a few people who should give this a try!

    Still, if it’s a good idea, why not pass it on?

    Has this idea truly worked? Any word on if someone tried this idea out?

  2. @Demetrius – it has stuck out in my mind also…

    I heard from Jeremy that he had lunch with this guy and indeed it is working out quite well for him – I’ve not heard from anyone else if they have tried it. My guess is that no one has tried it because they read about it here… it takes stuff (tools, etc.) to get started… the weather is starting to turn (in Utah it is), etc. And it’s plain… hard.

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