The Networking Entrepreneur

Friday I said I’d share a bonus idea regarding the business of cleaning garbage cans…. they guy I wrote about it supposedly makes $300 – $400 a day.

I was talking to my unemployed cousin about doing this and I said:

I guarantee you, as you knock on doors, whether you get the job cleaning the garbage can or not, people will ask you what kind of work you are looking for.

Think about it… if you do this you are showing a good, strong attitude, work ethic, creativity, humility, etc.  These are things that employers look for.  I’d gladly introduce someone like this to a networking contact.  I’m not positive that this person would be the right hire, but this person is out doing something to make it happen, rather than wait for the job to come in.

This might be one of the best networking tactics you employ – and you can make some serious money each day!

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