Personal Relationship Management Gets Better: JibberJobber Updates

Some very, very cool updates in JibberJobber:

Detail Page Makeovers

Something I’ve heard over the years is the design of JibberJobber “feels old.”  I could never really put my finger on what that meant, but a user interface professional made a suggestion that our “Detail Page,” which shows the details of a Target Company, Contact or Job Posting, was the main problem.  She made a number of suggestions, most of which we incorporated into the new design of the detail pages… here’s the new look:

Instead of listing all of the changes, we’ll just leave it at this… because this is not the most exciting thing I want to announce today.  That would be….. (drum roll)….

New Views/Reports on Get Contact List

Note: The Get Contact List page is a premium feature (one of my favorite, and most used). There are two additions to the Get Contact List reports/output.

The first is simply the addition of the image when you print a list of your contacts.  Do you organize events, or have a need to check attendance at networking events?  Or do you just want to have a printout of who might be there, and have a picture to remind you what they look like?  You’ll like this.

The first drop down on this page is Export To: Make sure you leave it at the default, which is Print List (yeah, that’s new, it used to just say Print), like this:

Then, in the Fields to Show section, drag Image to the very first spot, and check the checkbox, like this:

And then the report you get, which is optimized to print out, will look like this:

Oh but that isn’t all… here’s the second brand new report… which is like the one above but gives you the entire Profiles (not log entries or action items) … this is why we made the Detail Page changes I noted above.  Instead of choosing Print List, I choose Print Profiles, like this:

And the report looks like this (these are two fake records, but the point is, all of the contacts that meet the criteria will have their Profiles (and Notes) listed one under the other):

I think this is pretty dang cool!  Thanks to JibberJobber evangelists Tom in New Jersey and Don in Pennsylvannia for suggesting these reports!

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  1. Jason, As I said on Facebook, I really like this! Software and me get along best if it invites me to get involved. Intuitive but attractive at the same time and now I think this is. I will have to go exploring. This will give me something more to share with my clients and help them find value in JibberJobber too. We live in such a eye candy world that I think we look for that in our online experience too.

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