Just How Free Are You?

This weekend the U.S. celebrated our national independence holiday.  We appreciate the freedom to choose, be, think, live, etc.

It is quite a contrast from my last job, where I wasn’t free at all.

If you don’t feel free, whether you have a job now, or you are looking for a job that will not allow you to be free, then perhaps you shouldn’t have a job.  Perhaps you should own your own gig.

That’s the choice I made about three years ago – to stop my job search and move forward with JibberJobber… and it has been such a ride!  I can’t imagine having a job now, although I work harder now for my new boss (me) than I did when I was the general manager of a software company a few years ago.

This freedom is not easy, and not without consequenses.  If you have any thoughts of choosing this route, let me recommend one book to buy TODAY (buy a highlighter and red pen, also, as you should be marking up every page of this book):

I’ve known Pamela Slim virtually for a few years now… I really admire her work and her popular blog (Escape from Cubible Nation).  She is relentless in sharing her message and vision, and helping people see an alternative to the cube life.

Not that escaping is for everyone… and her book points that out.  What I’ve found in her book is a practical reality-check to help you understand what you are getting into … she compaires the rush you get from being an entrepreneur to the rush you get from a crack pipe, she interviews the Grammar Girl and learns that she is bogged down with administration (as opposed to focusing on her passion: grammar), and gives the low-down on health insurance and business structures.

It’s not a “hip-hip-hurray, screw Corporate America while I go get rich with my own ideas,” rather it’s an excellent guide you need to read if you *think* this is the direction you want to go.

On Amazon the price listed is $17.13… not a bad investment at all considering how much is packed into this 300+ page book.

2 thoughts on “Just How Free Are You?”

  1. Thanks for this and a bit about your leap from cube-land. Where else do you get real-world tools and anecdotes in the form of hard-to-please gang member clients?
    I pre-ordered Pam’s book. I’m coaching a large number of new entrepreneurs right now and keep referring them to Escape From Cubicle Nation. It’s up there with the E-Myth.

  2. Thirteen + years ago I was at (yet) another crossroads and, also, took the leap from cube-land.

    Have I ever looked back and wonder about that decision? Sure! If I could, would I go back and not make that decision (knowing what I know now)? Heck, no!

    True – escaping from cubicle nation (or, any job that is dead-ended, unsatisfying or “disappeared”) is not for everyone. However, if you have an inkling, inclination; or, like so many folks, are at (yet) another crossroads — the least you should do for yourself is explore _all_ your possibilities.

    Good on ya’, Jason, Pamela and …



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