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Have a bunch of things on my mind this morning… so today I’ll just share some links:

  1. Susan Joyce of wrote a really good article called 8 Twitter Power SEO Tips for Job Seekers.  Susan knows a ton about Twitter, SEO and the job search… she combines it all in this comprehensive piece.  Not a job seeker?  Don’t matter – whether you own a business or are “in-between job searches” you’ll want to read and bookmark this site.
  2. My good buddy, who will remain unnamed (because I talk about his kids), was talking to me at lunch about Networking vs. Socializing.  What a powerful concept!  Maybe people hate networking so much because they don’t network… they socialize and expect to get networking value out of misguided efforts!  Read some of my thoughts about that on this post.
  3. I am really amazed at how many people join my Career Management Group on LinkedIn… a lot more per day than ever before.  I’d love to know why (where are they coming from), and what they think they are going to get on this group.  If you want to join, click here and I’ll approve you (I approve everyone about once a day).
  4. Mark Hovind is spending an hour talking about recession trends, and what it all means for THIS RECESSION.  I tell you, I’m really excited about this free webinar… I think the information presented will be thought-provoking.  This is not a dooms-day thing, this is a “here’s where we’re at, and this is what it means to us right now.”   What do you do at the bottom of a recession (when it starts to correct?)?  What do you do when we are pulling out of a recession?  What do you do when we are at the peak in our economy?  We’ll talk about this – whether you are in a job search or not, sign up (registration link found on this post).
  5. If you are in a job search right now, check out the comments on this awesome blog post at Punk Rock HR.  Laurie Ruettimann asks for people’s (mostly HR people) best job search tips, and gets over 70 comments.  Wouldn’t you like to hear what HR advises?  Check out Your Best Advice for Job Seekers.

That’s it for today… like these links?  I’ve shared them all recently on Twitter… follow me on Twitter at

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