I’m Co-Hosting a Conference in Two Weeks

click to see the speakers blogsI’d like to invite you to a conference I’m co-hosting with Matthew Reinbold on October 22nd. This event is at the Downtown Marriott in Salt Lake City (yes, I know… far away for many of you).

Why are we doing this? To provide the same excellent value and information for business, marketing and public relations (PR) professionals in and around the Rocky Mountain area. Matthew and I are bloggers, and business owners. On the blogger side we have been prospected by marketing and PR professionals asking us to consider blogging about their products (or, their clients’ products). To be honest with you, I have only received ONE pitch that wasn’t horribly lame, from my perspective.

From the business owner’s side, I want to leverage social media, specifically blogging, as much as I can to create buzz around my product. In fact, most of my marketing time and money goes into nurturing my blog network. Whether you own a web service, like I do, or a realty company, or a law firm, or Joe’s Pizza Shop, you can and should use some kind of blog strategy.

Am I talking about how to start a blog, and keep it up? Not necessarily. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still have a blog marketing strategy! When you walk out of this conference you aren’t going to have all the tools and motivation to go to WordPress and start blogging, rather, you’ll have a much better understand of how to leverage blogging (and other social media tools) to accomplish your marketing goals.

How to leverage the medium to accomplish your goals. How powerful is that? Very powerful. Look what Yahoo! columnist Penelope Trunk did when she wrote her book … she asked bloggers to create buzz about it (who responded? See here and here and here and here)!

So how will we communicate this message? Through some awesome speakers – check out who is coming, and what they are talking about (the agenda is unlike any other conference I’ve seen… (can you tell this is not a techy, geeky gathering?)

… more throughout this week! Oh yeah, the website is Blogging for Business. Mark your calendar, and sign up on the website!

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