Be Better than Grandma at Sending Thank You Cards

Get birthday reminders e-mailed to you!Do you have a grandma that never misses your birthday? You get a thank you card a day or two before your birthday?

Here’s what you can do to be better than her…

  1. Sign up for a free account on JibberJobber
  2. Put in as many contacts as you want (it could be just family, or your clients, or your employees, etc.) — all you need is their first and last name, AND
  3. put in their birthday (at least the month and day, the year is optional)

By default, even in the free account, you will get two e-mail reminders for each birthday (you can go to My Account/Preferences to change that):

  1. At the beginning of every month, to tell you what birthday’s are coming up in the next five weeks, and
  2. Two days before the person’s birthday. If you send birthday cards perhaps you want notice ten days earlier.

Birthday wishes, even if just an e-mail, are a great way to reach out to someone, and continue to nurture the relationship. All these little things add up.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the free account now (it won’t ever expire, and I won’t force you or trick you into upgrading :)) and get those birthday reminders e-mailed to you! You’ll make Grandma jealous!

4 thoughts on “Be Better than Grandma at Sending Thank You Cards”

  1. I think it’s so important to find natural times during the year to reconnect with your network and birthdays are one of the best times to do so. Another great time to touch base with your network is during the winter holiday season, but so many people get overwhelmed by the process of mailing out cards and miss this golden opportunity. I bet Jibber Jobber could help make this task more manageable through some sort of an alert system several weeks before the holiday season. By writing out cards early, you can give more thought to each personal message which will in turn improve the quality of the relationship with the person receiving the card. Better organization leads to better networking and Jibber Jobber can really help!

  2. Yet another great feature from Jibber Jobber! I try to send birthday cards to all my friends, clients, and associates (when I know their birthdays). I think we get so much junk mail these days that a birthday card can really make someone’s day …. and make yourself stand out.

  3. Ya, I’m pretty jazzed about this – I’ve been receiving the e-mail reminders for a few months and it really is a way to “find natural times” to reconnect. Enjoy the feature! It’s on the free version!

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