Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!Early this morning (a few hours after April Fools) an e-mail was sent out to thousands of people who have signed up on JibberJobber. We’ve never done anything like this before and if we do it again it likely won’t be for this same price. It was an amazing process to get to this point and I appreciate the dozens of people that contributed ideas and feedback on the e-mail below.

I don’t ask for favors often, but I’m asking now. Will you please help me spread the word about this? You can send it to family and friends. You can send it to your e-mail lists and forums that you are on. You can blog about it.

Send me questions and I’ll answer them – in fact, over the next few days I’m going to be blogging on some of the how’s and why’s of this special (don’t worry, it will be interesting)… also, there are some things missing from the original e-mail that I’ll be posting throughout the week… so stay tuned!

JibberJobber is offering a one-week special! From April 2-9, you can upgrade to JibberJobber Premium for life for only $99! This offer is 80% off the standard lifetime premium membership of $495.JibberJobber is a powerful relationship and career management tool designed with your career needs in mind.If you are already employed, this may be the most important career tool you use to collect contact information and data on target companies – two of the most critical areas to track for career growth and future job searches.

Login and choose “Special Lifetime Upgrade – $99”

1-Week Special PromotionJibberJobber - Career ToolsetYou already know that JibberJobber provides a lot of functionality for free. Here are some of the powerful features you’ll enjoy when you upgrade:

  • unlimited network and company contacts
  • unlimited target companies
  • unlimited log entries
  • action items e-mailed to your inbox
  • printable phone lists and contact reports
  • interactive network and job search reports
  • import and export your information
  • rank companies and jobs
  • categorize your interview prep answers and be ultra-prepared
  • manage your possible tax deductions with the expense tracker
  • site-wide search with one search box
  • SOON TO COME: synchronization with Microsoft Outlook contacts!

There’s more!

  • Premium users don’t have to worry about price increases.
  • Premium users always get new upgrades and features for free.
  • If we introduce a “platinum level,” you’ll be upgraded with no hassle (we won’t try to sell you any functionality that we haven’t introduced yet).

JibberJobber continues to get better, easier, faster and more feature-rich. We continually work at improving the design and adding new features and everyone benefits from the user feedback and suggestions.

Is JibberJobber for job seekers? Yes! But its much more – JibberJobber is an excellent relationship and career management tool for you throughout your career.

List Price: $495.00
1 Week Special:$99.00 LIFETIME UPGRADE

Login and choose “Special Lifetime Upgrade – $99”

What are others saying about JibberJobber?

Check out the Reviews & Kudos section on the left to read some of the buzz about JibberJobber. There are about 300 blogs linking back to JibberJobber. We’ve been mentioned or endorsed by experts in employment, job boards, personal branding, networking, recruiting, career coaching, resume writing and more!

Why are we offering this one-week special?

We have exciting plans for growth and offering an affordable lifetime membership is one way we plan to fund and accelerate that growth.

We don’t make this offer lightly. Dropping the price to $99 represents an 80% discount! This is the equivalent of paying for 10 months of premium features and continuing to get the features for life at no additional cost.

We’re making this offer only to the users who have signed up in our first 11 months. This is our way of saying “Thank You” to every single person that has signed up – including you!

I invite you to upgrade for lifetime premium membership today and use JibberJobber to own your career!Login and choose “Special Lifetime Upgrade – $99” Jason Alba

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  3. I am wondering, since I just signed up today, what all is possible with JibberJobber. Okay, I am out of work and haven’t gotten an unemployment check yet, staying with my kids, living on the edge. Is the $99 for the Lifetime opportunity for me? Just wondering…..

  4. Julie – this is an excellent question. We designed JibberJobber so that most of it is FREE. The things you get in the premium upgrade are cool, useful, exciting.

    But they aren’t necessary to do a job search or even manage a network of over 300 contacts.

    Please feel free to use the regular level for free to do what you need to do. This special offer is not necessary, it’s just a cool offer.

    To really get an idea of what JibberJobber can do I suggest you check out the videos: https://www.jibberjobber.com/videos.php … that’s the quickest/easiest way to get an idea of what you can do.

    Good luck!

    – Jason

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