Update on the special

I’m flattered by the blogger attention that this has received. Here are two that blew me away (I’m bolding my fav parts :)):

Scot Herrick - Cube RulesScot Herrick writes:

You want to do networking, right? You think LinkedIn is the way to network. You want to manage your career, right? You think the development goals you create at work is how you manage your career.

Not really. The REAL way to manage your network and career is through JibberJobber.com.

[JibberJobber is] a web site that has the tools to manage your work search, contacts, and have a tool where you can truly manage your career through one tool set (including the ability to interface with LinkedIn).

[JibberJobber is] a web site that fulfills the needs of people to not just find a job, but manage their career and networking contacts in a way that will serve them for life.

… his is the only tool out there that I’ve seen that actually helps you manage your career, your networking relationships, and your personal work goals. I saw this announcement and went to PayPal at DSL speed with credit card in hand.

You can sign up for free at JibberJobber.com and enjoy the upgraded privileges for fourteen days to really tour the site. But, the special only lasts this week. Take a serious look at this; we all need to manage our own career through our own network. This tool does that better than any I’ve seen.

John ReinkeJohn Reinke writes:

I like this service. Not at 500$, but at a 100$ it’s a bargain. … Of all the ideas that I have seen pitched to those in transitions, this certainly is one of the best. I can tell you that this is not some type of scams aimed at separating the newly out of work from their savings.It surely won’t get you a job, but it will force you to be disciplined about your activities.

Can you duplicate it on your own? Maybe. Can you do without it? Sure Can you exploit it to you benefit for 100$? Absolutely.

If a new transitioning turkey, or one of those complacent “I gotta job” people, asked for a list of things they could spend money on to aid in their current or future job search, this would be one of three things on that list.

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