Networking with Kent and Scot

I’d like to divert you from the JibberJobber blog and invite you to follow two great series about networking. And if you don’t feel like a power-connector, or a super networking, I encourage you to pick up Thom Singer’s Some Assembly Required book (which I’ve already flipped through but will start reading today and review soon).

Kent BlumbergFirst, Kent Blumberg had a great 3-post series last week on networking (each of these take about 90 seconds to read – I dare you to invest the time):

1. Giving = Network Success – have you ever heard this before? Very short read accumulating other’s information.

2. Giving to your network – face to face – need ideas on how to give? Here they are. Can you implement one of these?

3. Giving to your network virtually – I do this a lot since I cut down my face-to-face network meetings (I still get out but hey, its like zero degrees here in Utah!!). Terrific ideas which YOU can implement.

Scot HerrickNext, hop on over to Scot Herrick’s Pimp Your Work blog, where he kicks of the first of a 5-post series about networking. Actually, I was honored to have this big blogger interview me about networking, and the results of the interview are broken up into different posts each day this week. Today’s question was:

In Jason Alba’s Best Networking Tip, you state that we should “Have a paradigm shift on what networking really is.” What are the 3-5 incorrect perceptions about networking that you’ve seen?

Go check out Scot’s post to see my response, and his thoughts to round it out.

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  1. I loved the Pimp Your Work blog…I had never read that one before. I can always count on learning about great new resources by reading Jason’s blog! Thanks.

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