Skype – you have 12 days left!

Skype LogoA few weeks ago we blogged about the Skype integration with JibberJobber. This is an awesome addition that allows you to click on a Skype icon Skype icon - when you see this, click to call by someone’s phone number which will start a call with them.

Skype recently announced that they are now going to charge for outbound calles to land lines (I’m not sure how this works outside of the U.S.), but its only $14.95 for the entire year – that is, unlimited outbound long-distance for a year for about 2 bucks a month. Can’t beat that.

The catch is that price doubles after this month – so you have 12 days to plunk down a few bucks or else you’ll end up paying $30 for the year.

Either way its a screaming deal. Here’s why I like Skype so much:

  1. As mentioned, the integration with JibberJobber.
  2. Even though I have a land line phone right next to me (and my cell phone) I prefer to use Skype because I can use my headset (you can spend whatever you want on these, I just saw an e-mail where someone spent $5 at Radio Shack for a speaker/mic setup) – which means I have two hands free to type notes.
  3. I work out of my home office, and I don’t have a separate business line. So if I’m on a call that will be a while, or want to make sure I’m on a call without having my 3 year old pick up and start jibberjabbering (I crack myself up ;)), I use Skype.
  4. I have not had any problems with quality (well, about 6 months ago I did, but they went away. Darn gremlins!) – and I’ve used it for national and international calls.
  5. You can record calls on Skype (I haven’t done it but I’ve done podcasts that have been recorded by the other party using Skype) – great for recording interviews with family, doing podcasts, etc.

I don’t get any kickback from them, but I’m giving you enough notice that you can hit it by the deadline. This is something that has enhanced my communication experience and I wanted to share it with you 🙂 Go download the software for FREE (you always get free Skype-to-Skype calls), and think about upgrading. I did it last week 🙂

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