Sharing your contacts SELECTIVELY

I had lunch with a JibberJobber fan today to discuss some of the things he likes/dislikes about JibberJobber, and I ended up with a list of things to add to the development road map. Great stuff, and considering he also loves “Never Eat Alone” and is applying many of the ideas to the rest of his career management, we had tons in common.

One of the things that came up was “I wish that I could send someone’s contact info to someone else.” Well, good news, you can!

Understand that JibberJobber is more of a CLOSED, transparent system than something like LinkedIn. You’ll see some of the philosophical differences betwee JibberJobber and LinkedIn in yesterday’s post. But even though it is CLOSED, you can still share contact info with others – at your discretion 🙂

First, go to My Network and you’ll notice a checkbox to the left of each network contact. Click on as many as you want to share, and then click on the icon below the List Panel, so it will be something like this:

you've checked the box, and now click on this icon to share with someone else
On the next screen you choose who to send the contact info to. (1) allows you to click on people in your network that are also JibberJobber users, so you can just click on their name (which I’ve grayed out) and quickly send to them. (2) allows you to put a JibberJobber username or e-mail address in to send to someone that uses JibberJobber but isn’t in your network yet. And (3) is the send button… that’s about it! Note that you are not sending them your ranking, or log notes or anything personal to your JibberJobber system.

share contact info with these users!
Of course, no system would be complete if the recipient couldn’t accept these changes. So, when the user logs in to JibberJobber they’ll see a place in their Action Items panel where they can accept or reject this, like this, one by one:

recipient can decide to accept or reject!

So there you go. I am going to clean this up a little bit but it works for now 🙂 Remember, most of networking is “giving” to others and not expecting to “get” all the time.

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