I LOVE what I do!

will I ever be in Fortune?Can you say the same? I remember when I worked at my first real job after college (I was the IT manager) the owner made it clear to everyone that if they didn’t love what they did then to stop wasting his time and theirs and go get a job they would love. I really appreciated that perspective from a guy who could have said “I don’t care what you think about your job, just make me more money!”

I love working on JibberJobber. I love being involved in cool technology, and I feel that this is leading edge – not leading edge technology but leading edge application of technology to empower people in their careers like never before. I love the relationships that I’ve developed over the last few months with leaders in this space, and appreciate what they do to change the hiring processes and offerings to job seekers. I love blogging about what I’m learning and I especially love hearing from my users!

I thought you might be interested in knowing how things got started, and where I’ve been since I got laid off in January. Of course, I did look for a job… I looked very very hard. But I got an epiphany one day, and JibberJobber was born. Over time it was nurtured, and hopefully one day the rest will make some cool front-page article on a magazine like Fortune 😉 For now, perhaps these three interviews can suffice. Enjoy!

My first interview by CM Russell of Secrets of the Job Hunt. This was a simple “who are you” five question interview that introduced me to this space. Thank you CM for the intro early on! I’ve come to develop an fun e-mail relationship with him and have gained a lot of respect for him – he is clearly a leader and expert in this space with a book behind him as well as owner of multiple local job boards and the premier job search site: Chimby.com.

Second, a podcast interview by Peter Clayton. I didn’t know who Peter was, hadn’t heard of LandedFM.com and didn’t know about TotalPicture.com. But since the interview I have learned from many in the space that I lucked out to get on his radar, and to get a spot on his “show.” What an amazing experience, it was totally fun and if you have the time, download the interview (it was 40 minutes). I think from here you’ll get a lot of “my story” – more than in any other interview so far. Thank you Peter! (and like Chris, I’ve developed a relationship that I really appreciate with Peter, and check in on his website regular to see who else he interviews (everyone with way more clout than I have!)

Third, and most recent, was another e-mail interview by Jim Durbin that was on the front page of Recruiting.com (owned by Jobster). Jim is an expert blogger with what I think is his most famous blog being STLrecruiter.com. I’m not sure how many others know about Jim’s experience with blogging but he helps a lot of other bloggers get more out of their blogs (whether it be by redesigning it), and contributing to a number of blogs. Jim is also one of the heavies at Recruiting.com, and he sent me some questions for the audience there. It was interseting to read his questions because he was asking about some recruiter-specific issues, which I don’t have any experience with (at least not from their side of the fence). You can read (vote on and comment) this interview here.

So enough about ME ME ME. I think this is a fun little read to see some of my history, but lets get back to you. If these are things that I’ve been able to do to help establish the JibberJobber brand, what are YOU doing to establish YOUR brand? After all, companies come and go, and you may change jobs 10 times in your career – but your “brand” should be lasting during those changes! And whatever you do, work on getting into jobs (or a career path) that you can say I LOVE WHAT I DO!

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