Pluralsight’s #FREEapril Means HOPE

Pluralsight is still free this month…….. wait. All I ever talk about is Pluralsight, right? WHY???

I absolutely believe in sharing hope and good news. When I was a job seeker I had no hope and didn’t hear much good news.

When I had lunch with the late Dick Bolles, and he said we shared a message of HOPE, I was impacted. I realized that more than being the guy who wrote the book on LinkedIn, or that spoke across the U.S., or that came up with JibberJobber… my purpose in my career had shifted to sharing a message of HOPE.

You have hope, he said, when you have options.

You have options when you grow and manage your network. Hence, JibberJobber.

You have options when you further your education, and learn more (or deeper) hard skills. Hence, my support of Pluralsight.

You create options when you develop your soft skills and professional development. Hence, my massive investment in creating over 30 courses for Pluralsight.

You are on top of the world when those options come looking for you. It’s a beautiful thing.

My message is to manage your career. It is to learn, do, become. It is find self-empowerment. It is to create and manage your multiple income streams. It is to get a handle on your expenses, and savings, and future.

Why do I talk about Pluralsight so much? Because it is about creating hope, options, and empowerment.

And that’s a message I hope I never get tired of spreading.

There are still 10 days left of #FREEapril. If you miss it, find the money to invest at least in a month-to-month plan, and create a better present and future for you. Wondering where to start? Check out this list I’ve created.

Pluralsight for Professional Development and Soft Skills