Soft Skills / Professional Development April!

JibberJobber YouTube LiveI finally decided to bite the bullet and do something that scares me: Youtube Live videos. Here’s my channel. And I’m jumping into the deep end, committed to help all the WFH people do something every Monday-Friday for the entire month of April!

Each day I’ll have a chat around soft skills or professional development courses I’ve created for Pluralsight. Below you’ll see the schedule for the month… You can see I started this morning (click the youtube link to see the recording).

Unless something big comes up, I’ll do these at 10 am (MST). You can see the most current link on my Twitter feed ( – follow me there or just check in daily).

If you have time, watch the linked courses before each call. I plan on treating the conversation more like a book club dialog rather than rehashing what I cover in the course. Feel free to share this with anyone you want… and hope to “see” you there!

Wednesday (4/1): Personal Branding (course: Developing a Killer Personal Brand) (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/2): Informational Interviews (course: Informational Interviews) (Youtube link)

Friday (4/3): Working and Communicating with Different Personalities (course: Working and Communicating with Different Personalities)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/6): Becoming a Better Listener (course: Becoming a Better Listener)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/7): LinkedIn Profile and proactive strategies (courses: LinkedIn: Optimize Your Profile and LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/8): Career Management 2.0 (course: Career Management 2.0)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/9): Job Search Strategy (course: Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy)  (Youtube link)

Friday (4/10): Onboard Yourself  (course: Onboard Yourself: What to Do After You Land Your Dream Job)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/13): Emotional Intelligence (course: Leading with Emotional Intelligence)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/14):  Effective Email Communication (course: Effective Email Communication)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/15): Teams and team work (courses: Working on a Team and Creating and Leading Effective Teams for Managers)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/16): How to Get Your Next Promotion (course: How to Get Your Next Promotion)  (Youtube link)

Friday (4/17): Mentoring (courses: How to Be a Great Mentor: Get More out of Mentoring and How to Be a Great Mentee: Get More out of Mentoring)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/20): Productivity and prioritizing tasks (course: Prioritizing Tasks and Managing Time for Greater Productivity)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/21): Presenting to leaders (course: Presenting to the Boss(es) and How to Speak to Business Leaders)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/22): Building and Managing Your Career Plan (course: Building and Managing Your Career Plan)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/23):  Difficult Conversations (course: How to Have Difficult Conversations)  (Youtube link)

Friday (4/24): Innovation and/in teams (course: Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/27): Leadership (course: Leadership: Getting Started and Leadership for Non-managers)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/28): Management 101 (course: Management 101)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/29): Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services (course: Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/30): Understanding Your Audience (course: Understanding Your Audience)  (Youtube link)

Friday (5/1): Customer Service for Software Developers: Delighting Customers (course: Customer Service for Software Developers: Delighting Customers)  (Youtube link)

Let’s do this!

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