Pluralsight Free During Entire Month of April: #FREEapril!!!

Pluralsight: Skill Up!I just got an email from Pluralsight that they are opening their entire library for the free for the entire month of April! I invite you to make the most of your time with access to over 7,000 courses on Pluralsight… from your mobile, tablet, Roku, computer…. anywhere! Let April of 2020 be known as the month you spent on personal and professional development!

Pluralsight – Learn for FREE all April (click here)

Pluralsight says “Stay home, skill up!” Last year at their annual conference the theme was all about skilling up.  Whether you are ready to study for your PMP (project manager) certification, or learn about graphic design, UX, data science, databases, fundamentals of programming, basic HTML, advanced Javascript, or super popular technologies like ReactJS, cloud computing (AWS, Azure), CSS, machine learning… you want it, it’s there.

Over 7,000 courses from some of the top speakers/authors/experts in the world.

Free, all month. 

Sign up here (no credit card required!!!!) Pluralsight – Learn for FREE all April

Last I looked there were over 150 soft skills courses.

Here are some tips to take advantage of this:


If you have courses from other online learning platforms that you’ve bought and have access to forever, just put those on hold. They’ll still be there in May, but this Pluralsight offer is only good through the end of the month. Not to belittle any other learning systems… I’m just saying if you will have access to your other courses after the end of of April, focus on the free Pluralsight access for now and then get back to those other courses in May.

Focus on Professional Development

No matter what technical skills you are interested in, I want you to focus on professional development. Invest in yourself and your career! There are plenty of soft skills courses to watch… I created a 30 day email series of courses I suggest you watch, each day. Sign up for that here… just put your email address in and you’ll get emails for the next 30 days. Note: the first day’s email is long… the rest are pretty short 🙂  If you want to pick and choose, here are my professional development / soft skills courses: Jason Alba courses on Pluralsight


Check out the “Learning Paths,” which are collections of courses based on topics you are interested in. Here are the Learning Paths ... there are tons of collections… this is a great way find what you are looking for among the 7,000 courses!

Here are two channels (collections) I created: 

Jason Alba’s Career Management Courses

Jason Alba’s Path to Management


Pluralsight Free April Stay Home Skill Up