Most Common Job Titles JibberJobber Users Enter

Yesterday I shared the twenty most common companies that JibberJobber users are tracking… in this post I share the top twenty jobs that our users are tracking. Let’s jump in:

  1. Project Manager. Doesn’t make sense that the projects managers, who are typically organized, trackers, and like systems, use JibberJobber?
  2. Business Analyst. Okay, this is kind of funny. In 2006, when I lost my job, I was looking for project manager of business analyst jobs.
  3. Product Manager. This is my dream job. You are CEO of a product… I didn’t learn about this role until I saw the title on Monster, in my job search.
  4. Administrative Assistant. This one is interesting, especially since it’s the fourth most common title our users enter. I wonder how many of my users are admins, and how many are just looking for a job to pay the bills while they look for something else.
  5. Program manager. Out of the top five, three are “manager” roles, although none of them necessarily have direct reports.
  6. Marketing Manager.  This is such an interesting role.
  7. Account Manager. Or, salesperson. (combine this with “account executive” and it’s actually the fourth most common role in JibberJobber)
  8. Senior Project Manager. I could have skipped this and just lumped it in with number one, but it’s interesting that in the top ten is this senior/advanced role.
  9. Customer Service Representative. This is only the second non-professional, or usually entry-level, non-manager job.
  10. Software Engineer. I was wondering when this one would show up… I honestly thought it would show up a little higher, especially considering all the tech companies from yesterday’s post.

Now, go back to the companies from yesterday’s post and see if you can figure out what kinds of openings they have, using the list above.  Here are the next most popular jobs tracked in JibberJobber:

11. Controller

12. President

13. Executive Assistant

14. Financial Analyst

15. Consultant

16. CEO

17. Operations Manager

18. Project Coordinator

19. CIO (I used to read CIO magazine :p)

20. Business Development Manager

What does that tell you about our job seekers, or job seekers in general?


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