Most Common Companies JibberJobber Users Enter

Ever wonder what other job seekers are looking for? Yesterday I got a list of the most common companies that JibberJobber users have entered into the Companies section.  That is, these are the companies that our job seekers are trying to land jobs at.  The Top 10 of all time are not surprising… actually, they are kind of surprising:

  1. IBM. This one surprised me the most… the news seems to have been hijacked by the huge new-fangled companies that are changing how we drive (or, how we don’t drive, with self-driving cars), how people surf the web, etc.  I don’t recall the last time I’ve read an article about IBM… but this is the most common company in JibberJobber.
  2. Microsoft. Not terribly surprising, but still impressive considering (a) it’s an older tech company and (b) they supposedly don’t have all the perks that the Silicon Valley tech companies offer.
  3. Accenture. Hm… how many accountants are using JibberJobber?  (of course, Accenture doesn’t hire just accountants :p)
  4. Google. Not surprised this is in the top five, even though working at Google today isn’t the same as working there fifteen years ago.
  5. Oracle. B2B giant, not a consumer play.
  6. Deloitte. Okay, if Accenture is number three, it makes sense for Deloitte to hit the top ten.
  7. Bank of America. This was surprising, especially considering the unrest/scandels in banking for so many years. Or, maybe we have a lot of users who live in, or want to move to, Charlotte? (delightful city, by the way. I spoke there a few years back and there is a charm that’s hard to describe… high tech + movers and shakers + southern)
  8. Wells Fargo. I wonder if this was before or after the big debacle.
  9. Dell. Ah yes, I remember them. In fact, when I graduated from undergrad, my plan was to drive to Austin and get a job there. That was minutes before the big tech bubble bust… glad I didn’t make that trip.
  10. Amazon. They have changed the world, in many ways… ecommerce, the cloud, etc. I love Seattle, if only there was more (or any) sunlight :p

Here are the next ten most common companies our users have entered (in order)

11. Hewlett-Packard

12. Cisco Systems

13. TekSystems (for contract jobs)

14. KPMG

15. Apple

16. PwC

17. EMC

18. Ernst & Young

19. Morgan Stanley

20. American Express

At first, it seems like the who’s who of companies… but when you think about what this data shows, I think it’s interesting to note the absense of some of the “top companies to work at.”  I find it interesting that some of these behemoth companies haven’t been the darlings of media (old or new), but people are still clamoring to work there. I’m also kind of surprised that so many people are working to get jobs at Apple and Google, which is like the unicorn of job search.




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