2017 Theme: Healing

I know, I know, the timing, right?

If you’ve followed my blog these last couple of months, you know that two months and one day ago I kicked a kickbag (aka, heavy bag, aka cinder block wall) the wrong way and broke a bone in my ankle.  I didn’t know that you could kick a kickbag wrong. I certainly didn’t know that you could do it wrong enough to break a bone.

Alas, I did (kick it wrong) and it is (broken).  Today, two months later, I can “bear weight,” which means put some pressure on it. It’s still in a splint (which is smaller and lighter than a boot). I still walk with a walker (the kind you don’t think you’ll use until you are 90… but so much better than crutches).  I’ve been enduring a very long healing process, and know that I have months to go before I can walk normal.  All because of a little bone fracture.

Frankly, I’m an impatient person. In my mind I was supposed to be walking mid-January.

This is like, in my job search, I was sure that I would be employed in four to six weeks.

In some of my close relationships, where healing needed to be done, sometimes the healing has been going on for years.

In each of these cases, healing did not happen fast.  And, in every case, there was pain.

What I want to focus on this year is allowing the healing to happen.  Imagine you have a nasty, deep gash on your arm, and it is bandaged.  You can’t take the bandage off every few hours to see if it’s done healing, or if it’s made a lot of progress since last time.  That can be harmful, and demoralizing (aka, depressing).

If you are in a job search there’s a good chance that you need to heal. I certainly did. I had strong emotions of anger and bitterness, and during my job search I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and depression.  Those were just a few of the things I had to heal from.

So here’s to 2017, a year we focus on healing ourselves.  That will mean different things to different people, but let’s heal.


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