JibberJobber Theme for 2017 (Pre-announcement)

I like to do this in early January, so this is a little late. But in early January I was nursing a broken ankle (didn’t know it at the time) and was otherwise preoccupied. Even though we are in March, this theme is still relevant. Maybe it’s even more relevant now.

JibberJobber Theme for 2017

Monday I’ll announce this the JibberJobber Theme for 2017. I haven’t been perfect at defining an annual theme, but here are some of the past themes (click each title to read the theme):

JibberJobber theme for 2012 THEME: Job Search is 99% Communication

I’m convinced that we, as human beings, have a lot of potential to communicate better… more effectively.  We, as people who care about our career (aka, career managers), should be keenly focused on communicating more effectively, verbally, written, body language, etc.

JibberJobber theme of 2017 is not communication

JibberJobber theme for 2011 THEME: The Job Search Rabbit Hole

This theme comes from the concept that perhaps we are working really, really hard, and are very, very focused, on the wrong things. It is about rethinking what our focus is, and making sure we are focused on the right things.

JibberJobber theme of 2017 is not rabbit hole

JibberJobber theme for2013 THEME: Consistency Wins

This theme is inspired by Mark LeBlanc, who right now is in Spain walking El Camino (again). He says “consistency trumps commitment.” I’m completely convinced that for anything that is a long-game, like a job search, and career management (and owning a business), that is 1,000% true.  Let’s focus on moving closer and closer to our goal, with consistency, every single day, and not do any flash-in-the-pan efforts and then burn out.

JibberJobber theme of 2017 is not frequency

JibberJobber theme for 2015 THEME: The Year of the Cookie

The idea of the cookie is usually communicated in a phrase like “you have the cookie,” or “I have the cookie!”  It is all about who has the power.  When someone else has the power/cookie (like, in an interview), the control everything. But when you have the power/cookie (perhaps because you are, hands down, the best person for the job). This theme was about recognizing power, and working to ensure you had the power you need.

JibberJobber theme of 2017 is not about cookies

I’ve been thinking a lot about the JibberJobber theme for 2017. I’ve struggled with it because it’s not as optimistic or positive when you first hear the word (it’s kind of painful), but it’s crucial.

Watch for it on Monday.