Job Search Therapy & Physical Therapy #healing

The theme for this year is healing. On Monday I went to my last surgery follow-up where they took an x-ray and said “looks like it’s healing great! You don’t need to come in anymore!”


This was the first time in the surgeon’s office that I went in (a) by myself and (b) without a wheelchair.  I walked hobbled in on my own two feet. It was quite epic… a couple of months earlier I asked the doctor if I would ever walk again!

I am short-sighted on many things that have to do with healing, and getting back to some kind of normal. Just sixty days ago I really wasn’t sure that I’d ever walk again. And here I am.

I attribute this progress to a few things… one is just time.  Healing takes time. Time, they say, heals all wounds.  Even though I was short-sighted, time really was healing my wounds, and getting my ankle back to usable. I’ve had many notable milestones over just the last few weeks… all because of this idea of time healing the wounds.

Another thing I attribute my healing to is physical therapy. My surgeon gave me two specific exercises to do, which I have done each day for hours. Last week I went to a physical therapist because I have a big trip coming up and I want to be able to walk, and not re-injure my ankle.  He took the two exercises that my surgeon gave me and expanded on them.  He also added zapping (electrifying my ankle) and heat, and after each session (and every night for ten minutes) an ice pack.

I have looked most of this up on Youtube, but I wanted someone who could know exactly what my needs were, and give me the exact, and personalized, treatment I needed.

They say physical therapy hurts…. well, not so far. I feel pain on one exercise I do… the rest feel really good. Progress doesn’t have to be painful, but sometimes it is.

Your progress, as you work your job search, can be painful. Talk to someone who knows what you are going through, and knows what you should do (and think).  They can let you know if it’s good pain that will help you heal, or if it’s bad pain that can hinder your search and healing.

Yes, you can go it alone.  Many people do.  You have to be extra smart, and flexible… ready to adjust your strategy, and learn from others.  Nothing wrong with that. But there’s also nothing wrong with getting help, healing better, faster, and deeper.

Who is your trusted job search therapist?