What Will 2015 Hold For You? 2015 Theme: The Year of the Cookie

December was really interesting – we had a lot more signups and upgrades than what we normally saw in the last few Decembers.  I can tell that people are getting more serious about their personal career management.

I invite you to make 2015 a very purposeful year for personal and professional satisfaction.  This means that instead of letting things just happen to and around you, you empower yourself.

In a recent post on this blog, and an article on LinkedIn, I said that if you are working with a boss who drives you crazy (or, is an idiot), you could:

“Be Prepared.  The old Boy Scout motto is splendid.  Let’s say that you are unprepared to get laid off today.  If so, you are probably afraid of getting laid off, losing the paycheck, etc.  Where would you go??  However, let’s say you are prepared… and you get laid off.  You might be thankful that you got laid off!  Sure, you lost your job, but you are prepared (strong network, established brand, etc.).  If you want to change how you feel about being in a crummy situation, work on career management, which can give you a glimmer of hope, and help you feel less trapped.”

On LinkedIn, Pamela left this comment (see her comment on this page):

Yes! That’s what I did recently and have done several times over the long years of my career. When in a dysfunctional relationship/organization, one can become very demoralized. It’s important to review one’s achievements, goals, skills and desires. When I remind myself of what I have to offer, it makes it easier for me to do the work of finding other opportunities. The more I explore, the more empowered I become. Leaving is always hard, but when I am moving towards my goals, I am re-invigorated.

Pamela is doing on-purpose career management!

When you do on-purpose career management, the power shifts.  If you are at the will and mercy of your company (which can happen if they pay you enough, or have excellent benefits, or have somehow scared you into not leaving), they have the power.

When you do career-management things, you shift the power from the company to yourself.  A popular term I like to think of to make this more visual is “who has the cookie?”  When your employer has the power, or the cookie, you are subject to them.

Let’s make 2015 the year when we take the cookie back.

This is the year when we develop more, and deeper relationships.

This is the year when we really work on our personal brand.  Maybe we start a blog, or write a post on LinkedIn, or leave a comment on a discussion in a group you are in.

This is the year you really get into JibberJobber to manage and nurture relationships.  More than just gathering names, numbers and email addresses, let’s really focus on the relationships.

This is the year that we take the cookie back!