JibberJobber now always https (aka, “secure”)

JibberJobber launched 11 years ago this year.  Back then, I had some reservations about SSL (aka, https, encryption, secure, etc.). Because of my roots in web development, I was concerned about having too much of the site going through the encryption process, which means that every single thing that gets “served” to you has to go through an additional process…. which means it takes extra time to serve every single page.

Back in the days of slower internet connections and slower computers, it was a legitimate concerns of web developers from yesteryear.

I should note that there were two very specific places where we did encrypt data: when you logged in (so your username and password were always encrypted) and when you upgraded (so your credit card information was encrypted).  But, we’d then switch you back to unencrypted.  We also have had a link so you could force SSL whenever you wanted.

But, of course, things have changed.  Internet connections are faster, computers are faster, servers are faster, and the overhead of serving encrypted data became negligible.  Bad guys have gotten worse and users have become more sophisticated.

If you notice some of the websites you frequent, you’ll see that they are ALWAYS in encrypted mode.  And now we are too.



More good changes are on there way… stay tuned.

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  1. Hadn’t really paid attention recently to whether Jibber Jobber was or not, but good to see that you have taken that step.

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