Career Management IS NOT a Numbers Game

“It’s a numbers game.”

That’s what they said about the job search.

Then you would hear stories about people who said they sent resumes to 1,000 companies, even 2,000 companies, and they heard nothing.

If it’s a numbers game then that person only needs to send a few hundred more, right?

There’s a logical argument that the job search is a numbers game. I personally don’t believe that, but I can see how the argument makes sense. Kind of.

But the title of my post is that career management is not a numbers game.

Don’t think of networking as numbers… think if it as building relationships.

Don’t think of your personal brand as a statement, but how others perceive (or talk about) you.

If you think of your career management in terms of quantity over quality, you’ll have a lot more work to do.

This is a long play, for sure.  Do it right.