Trump Wins: Now What? CareersEdition

Lots of talk this morning about Trump winning.

My questions are:

What does this win mean for the economy (of the U.S. and the world)?

What does it mean for jobs?

What does it mean for YOUR JOB?

What are YOU going to do moving forward, with regard to your own career management (networking, personal branding, income streams, etc.)?

2 thoughts on “Trump Wins: Now What? CareersEdition”

  1. The Trump win will affect the job market. There will be an increase in business ventures: privatization of prisons, schools, services.

    However, the fear for career counselors is that the Department of Education will be downsized such that “college and career readiness” may lose funding; thus, many school counselors may see changes in the current emphasis. My insights are based on when the Reagan Revolution arrived in 1980, there had been a big Career Education movement that disappeared during the 1980s. It took over a decade to restart the movement.

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