How To Remove A Contact From Gmail (So Useful)

Have you ever sent someone an email to the wrong address?  That is, to an address they used to use, but they don’t use anymore?

Note: This is not a JibberJobber tutorial. It’s a how-to-get-more-out-of-your-email-client tutorial.

I do this more often than I want. It’s because a year ago they used a certain email address, but then they switched. I can’t remember what email address they use now… all I know is that when I start typing their name in my email client (I use Gmail, but what I’m about to share will apply to most email clients), a short list of the email addresses that I might want show up… and I simply choose one.

Sometimes, the email address I choose is one they don’t look at anymore.

The best thing to do is to remove that address from the list that pops up. That way, now and forever, you won’t even see the bad email in the list.

How do you do this?

It’s simple…

(1) You go to Contacts.

In Gmail, right above the Compose button, you’ll see Gmail with a down arrow/triangle. Click that and you’ll see an option for Contacts.  Didn’t know that was there?  I bet most people never go in there!

(2) Then, search for the bad/wrong email address.

The search box converts from searching your email to searching your contacts. Paste the bad email in the search box, and click search.

(3) Then, click the checkbox of the bad email address.

This selects the bad email address.

(4) Then, click the MORE button, and the first option is to delete the contact.

You can test to see if this worked by going back to mail or Gmail, and typing in the person’s name.  You should now only see the good email address, and not the bad email address.

And your life is simplified 🙂