Job Creation In America

Well, the debates were about what I expected.  It will be interesting to see how the two change in the next two debates.

What’s more interesting is seeing people on Facebook who have been friends with respect towards one another practically go at each other’s throats.  Here’s a post I write back in August that is relevant today: Facebook + Politics + Personal Branding

The first topic was about jobs in the U.S. Keeping jobs here, adding new jobs, etc. There is an inherent idea that adding (or keeping) a job will give people a lifestyle career.  In other words, when a presidential candidate says something like “I’ll create 10,000 jobs,” what my brain hears is “10,000 jobs that will be enough to cover all my bills, so I don’t have to get another job. And I’ll like it, and it will have at least average benefits.”

But, all jobs are not the same.

Is an entry-level level job at a fast food restaurant going to provide the same quality of life as, say, a marketing manager making $80,000 with great benefits?


The difference between those two is grand. Supposedly, one worker will be healthier than the other.  One will generally not have to worry about being sick and missing too much pay (because of sick leave policies), or finding second or third job to make ends meet.

I’m not saying that entry level jobs aren’t good. They are good. What I’m saying is that even if we have 10k (or whatever the number is) new jobs doesn’t mean that we’ll have 10k career opportunities that will be personally or financially rewarding.

I got laid off from my career job 3,910 days ago, on Friday the 13th, in January of 2006. What I’ve learned since then is that if you want to have a lifestyle income, you and only you are in charge of your income, careers, and jobs. I started my own business, and figured out multiple revenue streams. I have seen friends and JibberJobber users bounce between jobs, not because they want to but because companies have let them go, or companies have been shut down.

In the 1900’s there was an idea that you took care of your job, and your company, and your boss and your company would take care of you.  Until you retired. And then you’d get retirement benefits, many times including pension and healthcare until you died.

Now, it seems uncommon to stay at one company for more than three years.

Here’s the main thing: don’t wait for the government to create your job. Don’t wait for anyone or anything to create your job.  Think about your income more than your job, or your title. Think about multiple streams of income. How can you create, supplement, and achieve your financial goals?

Find opportunities, create value, and be independent of what this party says, or that person does… let your “job security” be in your own hands.


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  1. Well yeah i totally agree with you that i am the one who is in charge of my lifestyle and income i generate but when most of the people realize that they already invested their time and money in getting degree or in education sector after that all they left is just a good result in academic so we all tend to get a job because which is most risk free and starting business need money which most of us don’t have

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