Nonverbal Mistakes Made in a Job Interview

Check out the craziness from the infographic below (I don’t remember where it came from, and there’s not source info on the infographic).

So, craziness includes:

– 21% play with their hair?  Too distracting for some bosses.

– 47% don’t know about the company?  tsk tsk!  Do your research, people!

– 67% don’t make eye contact?  Practice this… show confidence!

– 38% don’t smile?  Look, if you don’t seem happy to be hear, I might worry about putting you in front of a customer, or depressing your coworkers.

– 26% have a weak handshake? This is a personal pet peeve… practice shaking hands with a salesperson, or someone who does business with others.

– 65% of bosses said clothing would be the deciding factor between two similar candidates?  Might seem shallow, but how you dress is a statement about you, your EQ, etc.

I don’t mean to add more stress to your job search, but please be aware of the messages you are sending before you even open your mouth.