JibberJobber: Leveling the Playing Field for Job Seekers

I found a blog post where I talk about leveling the playing field for job seekers from March 2008. In it, I share this mission statement I came up with:

“JibberJobber’s mission is to provide a real, useful tool to the masses, helping them through job transition(s) and with their personal efforts to nurture relationships.

JibberJobber should help “level the playing field.” By that, I mean that a job seeker seems to be at a huge disadvantage because they are in a position of want and need, and have less power than the job givers. HR and hiring managers have time and tools. Recruiters have time and tools. Both of these groups (usually) have income. A job seeker has a much higher sense of urgency … getting back to me “next week” hurts, and “next month” might mean my car gets repo’d, or my house goes into foreclosure.

JibberJobber doesn’t fix the sense of urgency but it gives power to the job seeker, helping them manage information, track statuses, organize appointments, prioritize contacts and job postings. Because I don’t have to scribble in a notebook, or use a homemade tracking spreadsheet, I can feel like the empowered professional that I am.”

This was pretty cool to read since I’ve been talking about the sense of urgency and empowerment for many, many years, and I’ll continue to talk about it for many years to come.

I want job seekers to not feel disadvantaged by lack of tools… hence, all of the stuff we’ve been working on for almost ten years.

Here’s to ten more years!