What is YOUR Mission (Statement)?

No more spiral notebooks - JibberJobber helps track and organize your job search!I got an e-mail from contest sponsor Louri Bollard today, asking me what my mission statement is. I can’t come up with a brand statement without understanding what my mission is, can I?

I’ll share my ideas on this in a little bit, but for now I’m wondering what YOUR mission statement was. I’m thinking back to when I was employed, wondering what my personal mission statement would have been. Perhaps something like this:

I want to have balance and purpose in my life, taking care of self and family while tending to work and social responsibilities. I work hard to “get ahead” financially, with wisdom and diligence so when I need to retire I can without worry. I want to do my best at my professional role and not have any regrets at what I may have accomplished. At the same time I will not slight my family.

Now, for JibberJobber. I just went to my first and my latest business plan drafts, and couldn’t find a real mission statement in either document. But thinking about it, here’s what it comes down to:

JibberJobber’s mission is to provide a real, useful tool to the masses, helping them through job transition(s) and with their personal efforts to nurture relationships.

JibberJobber should help “level the playing field.” By that, I mean that a job seeker seems to be at a huge disadvantage because they are in a position of want and need, and have less power than the job givers. HR and hiring managers have time and tools. Recruiters have time and tools. Both of these groups (usually) have income. A job seeker has a much higher sense of urgency … getting back to me “next week” hurts, and “next month” might mean my car gets repo’d, or my house goes into foreclosure.

JibberJobber doesn’t fix the sense of urgency but it gives power to the job seeker, helping them manage information, track statuses, organize appointments, prioritize contacts and job postings. Because I don’t have to scribble in a notebook, or use a homemade tracking spreadsheet, I can feel like the empowered professional that I am.

JibberJobber should make you feel empowered.

JibberJobber should make you effective in your job search and time management.

JibberJobber should make you a valuable network connection, because you can know how to give back to your contacts.

What is the mission of JibberJobber? To empower the individual in their career aspirations.

Sure there is some business purpose with JibberJobber. But at the very core, this is what I work for. Individual empowerment. The business (aka, money) will follow.

That’s my mission – can you feel that?

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3 thoughts on “What is YOUR Mission (Statement)?”

  1. Jason…

    Great riff…I love the JJ mission! It’s short and memorable…perfect!

    Can -I- feel it?

    You bet! The mission statement is nicely framed and has an emotional feel to it.

    And my mission statement?

    “Capturing your organization’s heart and soul on screen.”

    So….can -you- feel that? 🙂

    Be well,

  2. Hey Jason,

    This mission question is highly relevant to your branding discussion. I believe that to the extent job seekers discover their personal mission, this will assist them in developing their career branding. Branding is informed by the target audience of course, but also by purpose, mission, etc. To the extent that our branding is aligned with mission I believe it makes us that much more likely to reach our goals.

    Btw, Covey talks about this in The 8th Habit: he says that most job dissatisfaction results from a misalignment between the corporate mission and the employee’s personal mission.

    My mission: Helping others (and myself) to maximize return on life.

    Mike Ballard
    Turning Points

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