Cleanup: Associate Documents Much Better

In the “we really should do this, but it’s never a big enough priority” category, we had a work order that has been nagging at us for too long.  It had to do with the pages to add or edit Contacts, Companies and Jobs. Right above the Notes field is the Associate Docs field, and this has had a list of the documents you had in the system, with a checkbox next to them. You could simply click the checkbox to associate any of your documents to any Contact, Company, or Job record.  Pretty nifty.

Except… if you had, let’s say, 100 documents, then you would have 100 documents in that list, which made your form unnecessarily long.  So, we recently consolidated this functionality and put it under a link… here’s what it looks like now:


Let me point out three things:

  1. This tells you how many documents are associated to this particular record (the record you are on)
  2. This tells you how many documents you have in the Document Manager
  3. This is the link where you can associate existing documents, or upload a new document and have that associated.

This is much cleaner than before… !