Happy Veterans Day (Free JibberJobber Upgrade)

Happy Veterans Day!  This is a day I think about many people in my life who have served in the military, including family who served in WWII, my cousin who was deployed multiple times in the last few years, my other cousin who is a Dentist at an Air Force base, my father-in-law who had a meaningful career in the Air Force, my cousin who served in the Navy, and many friends and other family who have served in the military, in some capacity.

I also think about the JibberJobber users who have sent me a DD 214 showing proof of service, to claim their free one year upgrade on JibberJobber. I’ve seen a lot of these come through, and it makes us proud to give just a little to these people who have given so much. I’ve been asked if we give the free one year upgrade to those who served a long, long time ago, as well as those who are just leaving military service. The answer is YES, if you are or have been a veteran, you get a year of premium JibberJobber.

Why do we do this? JibberJobber for veterans: why?

What other career companies give discounts? Career Service Providers Who Provide Discounts for Military Veterans (let me know if any are outdated)

When did all this start?  Since the beginning. Here are my thoughts from July 2006, just two months after we launched: JibberJobber for the troops

Please share this with anyone you know, so we can get this information to the people who need it.  Thank you!