How To: Add Tags to Many Records

I recently got this question:

“I need to add two tags to everyone in our data base that already has the tag of [Tag-1] or [Tag-2]. Can I do this without having to go into each record?”

Tags are a powerful way to slice-and-dice your data. I use tags almost exclusively over categories… are you making use of tags? And yes, there is a super easy way to do this… here’s what you do (this applies to the Contacts, Companies and Jobs List Panels):

Let’s use Contacts as an example. Go into Manage Columns with this icon:


Change Rows Per Page to 255 Contacts, then click Save:


Optional but highly recommended: Do a filtered search to narrow down your List Panel (like below). Check out this post on filtered searches.


On the left, click the checkboxes of each record you want to add the tags to.  You can select all with the top-left checkbox, and then deselect the records you don’t want one-by-one.


At the bottom of the List Panel, there are icons… choose the the fourth from the left… the rubber-stamp looking one:


On the page that comes up, add new tags in the big box, then click save:


That’s it!  You can see that you can easily remove tags from Contacts, too.