Congratulations to Nick Corcodilos: Ask the HeadHunter!

NickCorcodilosI met Nick Corcodilos when he was speaking to a group of resume writers in Savannah, at a conference. His message was so blunt that some offended writers walked out and paced the hallway, fuming.  I went out to see what the chatter was, and how this dude could have offended these people so much.

Not too long after, we were on a phone call, and over the years our relationship was strengthened.  Here’s what I love about Nick: he tells it like it is.

One of my chief complaints as a job seeker was that I couldn’t get honest feedback from anyone. Information was sanitized and simplified.  I wasn’t getting the results I needed. How do you make progress when you don’t get the right information from anyone?

Nick was the guy who didn’t hold back, didn’t give you sanitized information… if you wanted an answer, he gave the answer.  Some people can’t handle that.  But most job seekers need that.  That’s why I have loved Nick’s writings, blog posts, newsletter, columns, etc.

And you should too.

To get a taste of what I’m talking about, check out this celebration post: 600 Editions: The Best of Ask The Headhunter!  Bookmark that post and read each of the posts that Nick links to.  And sign up for his newsletter (there is a link at the bottom of his post titled “encourage them to subscribe”… this is one newsletter that I have been on for years, and I read almost every email he sends!

Congrats Nick, and on behalf of job seekers everyone, THANK YOU!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Nick Corcodilos: Ask the HeadHunter!”

  1. Jason: Thanks for your very kind words, my friend. I had no idea anyone walked out of the resume conference and fumed! I was too busy talking to the rest of the audience. Guess I rattled a few cages. I made some good friends there – including you. I do remember talking to Kathy Sweeney, the NRWA president who asked me to do the keynote. I said to her, “Are you sure?? You want me to tell resume writers to stop selling resumes??” Yes, she said, we want to make our members think! It was a great conference. At the end, I broke them into groups and told them, “Ok, as of today, resumes are illegal! You can’t use them or write them! Now work together and come up with biz plans about what new services you can offer your clients!” In 15 minutes, they figured it out. We got some great ideas, and many thanked me for helping them see their business in totally new ways. I think that’s what it’s all about for everyone. Thanks again, Jason!

  2. LOL yeah, there were some pretty mad people. But that’s okay. Like I said, you didn’t hold back, AND you gave an opportunity for alternatives… I’m glad that we met and we’ve been able to have a relationship over the years 🙂

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