85% of executive jobs are never publically posted online. Hm…

I got that stat in an email from Execunet.

What exactly does that mean?

If it is true, it means that you need to have a great brand (so others can know of you), and you need to network.

Instead of relying on a job search strategy that depends on finding and applying to jobs online, it means you get out of your comfort zone and get to work.

It’s what we call “the hidden job market.”  It’s real, and you should find it.  It’s hiding in your network.

Now, get to work!

1 thought on “85% of executive jobs are never publically posted online. Hm…”

  1. Well. the saying goes “it’s all about who you know!” So this stat definitely makes sense along those lines. Thanks for sharing this.

    Also, your previous article about recruiter’s stereotypes of veterans is unfortunate. Maybe free college for veterans would be a great way for them to develop skills employers deem valuable. They do a lot to protect us afar, the least we could do is protect them once they return, right?

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