The Cincinnati Job Search Presentation

My son went with me to a church in Cincinnati to present to a few dozen job seekers last week.  It was an awesome conversation.  I remember sitting at the back of the room, before the presentation, looking at the audience, listening to people share wins and successes, and worried that perhaps I was in over my head.  I didn’t have anything new for these people.

But then, when I started, I got into that comfortable place.  The laughs came, the interaction came, people took notes (which, my publisher said, is a sign that the speaker is doing a good job), and I could tell that people had some aha! moments.

This has happened before: before I start, I’m overwhelmed and feeling out of my league. And then, early into the presentation, I realize that for many, this is new information. Or it’s information that’s presented in a new way, and it makes sense to people.

Somehow, it touches someone.  And it helps them.

And that is why it’s worth it to drive thousands of miles, at my own expense, to share this message.