The Rochester Job Search Presentations

My cousins grew up in Greece, right outside of Rochester. I knew practically nothing about the place, except that it was cold for about 10 months out of the year (not sure how true that is).

Last week I shared five presentations in the Rochester area.  I was amazed and impressed with how beautiful and fun this area is. There are strong initiatives to help Rochester get to work.  It’s a vibrant area that was the home of Kodak and Xerox, and other companies.  Lake Ontario is there, and there are amazing, beautiful rivers and lots of forest and hill areas.  The waterfall in the city was awesome.

My driver, Greg Taylor (Sir LinkedALot) gave me a two day tour of the city and surrounding areas, and introduced me to eating at Wegmans (wow!). Driving around with Greg was a treat since he grew up there, and knew a lot of the history of the town.

I also met some really cool people.

What’s left on the tour?  St. Louis on Tuesday, and Kansas City on Thursday.  And lots and lots of driving 🙂  It took three weeks to get to the D.C. area, and it will take less than a week to drive back to Utah.