What is JibberJobber?

In the last few weeks I’ve introduced JibberJobber, as part of my message, from Madison to the D.C. area.  I don’t spend much time on JibberJobber because (1) that is not the main message, and (2) there are great resources to learn about JibberJobber online.  Here are three:

The User Orientation

When you watch the User Orientation, which is about 90 minutes long, you can ask for another week of JibberJobber premium.  As many times as you watch the orientation, you can get another week of JibberJobber premium.

The Getting Started Videos

These are, generally, less than 10 minutes long, and if you walk through the titles, you can watch any particular topic that catches your eye.  It is in an order that I would follow, but you can skip any topic you want.

The What The Heck is JibberJobber – I’m So Overwhelmed!! Video

This five miute video is a great primer to help you not be overwhelmed by JibberJobber’s features: