JibberJobber Getting Started Widget!

Last night we did a release that mostly new users will see, but it’s something that everyone can get value out of, even old-timers!

This is a new widget on the homepage which you can easily turn on… simply click on the Manage Widgets icon right under the main menu of the home page:


Once there, click the checkmark next to the Getting Started widget, and then click-and-drag the box to the top, like this:


Then, you’ll see this on your homepage:


Most of these will be crossed out if you have already been using JibberJobber for a while, because we automatically detect whether you have done those things or not.  Note that each line is a hyperlink, and it will take you to the page to do the thing, or a page with instructions.

These were the top 11 things we could think of to help you feel better about using JibberJobber, and get more comfortable with it as a tool for your career management!