Why You Should Work On Your LinkedIn Profile

Today I had a one hour consultation with an executive on his LinkedIn Profile. This is not my $49 profile critique (where I record my critique and send you a link to watch)… this is a $100 one-on-one, about an hour consultation. (if you buy one of these, please put what you are buying in the description!)

There was something I meant to mention to this executive, but I forgot.  I’ll share that with you right now.

During the consultation, I got a feeling of being overwhelmed with everything that he had to do.  While his Profile was pretty good, there was plenty of room for improvement.  I suggested he do a little here, a little there, but not even attempt to do it all in one day or week.  This was the other thing I was going to tell him:

“The process of enhancing your Profile will better prepare you for networking conversations and interviews.  It will help you have a better website, resume, and cover letters.”


Critically thinking through the things he need to go through would take him to a place that he needed to go to have better marketing communication (written, like a resume, and verbal, like an interview or a network meeting).  This process would bring clarity on what parts of your history become the parts you bring out, as your brand.

You could wing it, like many people do, but going through this process should benefit you in your future communications.

And what you gain from that, I think, is more valuable than the hour we spent on the phone together.

Note: I am not opposed to hiring a professional to write your Profile for you.  I do feel strongly that if you go through the process, even perhaps with the professional writer (many times they do it with you, or they give you forms to fill out), you’ll be better for it.

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