How To: Set Up Tags in JibberJobber

I’m regularly asked what tags people should use in JibberJobber, for Contacts, Companies, and Jobs.

That, really, is up to you.  I have things like family, friends, recruiters, prospects, and things that make sense for me.  I even have a tag for “service_providers” which I’ll use for my garage door guy, small appliance repair guy, accountant, etc.  You know, all of the people I don’t necessarily want to have to call (because calling them usually mean paying money I didn’t plan on paying), but it’s nice to have their numbers at my fingertips.

What are the best tags for you?I don’t know.  But at the beginning of the Getting Started on JibberJobber series I have a video titled Getting Started: Setting Up Tags.  You can watch it below, or see all of the getting started videos here.